Skin tags, called by laymen as “skin tabs” or “barnacles” while “acro chordon” in medical terminology, is benign, skin-colored and small hanging and raising growth of skin that usually occurs at folding parts of skin like neck, groin and armpit. They may also appear on the face and under the breast. Male and females are equally prone to skin tags. These tags are usually small enough to 2-5 mm in diameter approximately but sometimes their growth increases to over 2 cm in diameter.

Since skin tags are painless and harmless, people often do not concern with its removal unless they irritate during shaving or clothing, or seem odd and bizarre. The causes of skin tags include obesity and being somewhat overweight. Hence people with diabetes and pregnant women are most prone to skin tags. However, some normal weight women with larger breasts have also chances of skin tags development under their breasts.

It is also believed that that skin tags appear as a result of rubbing up skin against skin. This belief is based on the fact that skin tags occur on skin that has creases and folds. Furthermore, studies have shown presence of low-risk HPV 6 and 11 in skin tags pointing at their involvement in pathogenesis. Microscopic observation of skin tag shows that they contain fibro-vascular core and fat cells that are covered by epidermis.

When it comes to treatment, small tags often need no treatment for they fall off painlessly and the person may not even know they had a skin tag. But most tags do not fall off by themselves but they constantly stay around once formed. In this situation, the painless and effective way to cure eliminate skin tags is to use natural healing oils. These oils are produced from the premier quality oils extracted from oils. Most of the natural healing oils for skin tags consist of melaleuca alternifolia, lavandual angustifolia, boswellia carteri and melissa officinalis _all natural herbal elements. They are naturally formulated without including herbicides, pesticides and other chemical fertilizers. Use H-Skin tags.

Natural healing oil when applied topically on the skin tags make their way into the skin tags, dry them up very shortly and flake away the skin tags from inside out. It should be remembered here that natural healing oils for skin tags are not for ingestion and similarly pregnant women should not use them until they consult doctors.

It should be noted that the healing process is not one and the same to all people. It differs from person to person because of either the size of the skin tag or the immune system of the person using natural oil. In normal cases it takes about 2-6 weeks to remove the tags. This natural process works softly without pain or irritation and following the treatment no scars are left on the skin. Once the skin tag is removed, the same tag will not grow back again.